Final Programs


Oct. 13th

You are all invited at 5PM for the welcome reception and pre-registration in the cafeteria on the 9th floor of the conference venue, Kobe fashion mart.

Oct. 14th

8:5010:30Session 1 / Morphing
IOC meeting
13:0014:40Poster Introduction Session
15:0016:40Session 2 / Applications
17:0018:00Session 3 / Structural health monitoring
18:0019:30Poster session

Oct. 15th

8:4010:20Session 4 / Actuator Session 5 / Sensing
10:4012:20Session 6 / MorphingSession 7 / Vibration(MR)
13:2015:20Session 8 / Shape morphing and control
15:4017:20Session 9 / Vibration
18:3020:30Conference dinner

Oct. 16th

8:4010:40Session 10 / Applications
13:0015:00Session 11 / Energy Harvesting
15:2017:20Session 12 / SMMs and materials

M.C. Natori Poster Award

We are proud to announce M.C. Natori Award for the Best Poster Presentation. The Award is eligible for first authors of poster presentations who are 35 years old or younger. The Award is named after the colleague Dr. M.C. Natori, Professor Emeritus at Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), Japan, for his significant contribution to the research in Adaptive Structures and being one of the founders of ICAST.

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October 14th

Session 1 / Morphing

Chair: G. A. Lesieutre, T. Iwasa

8:50Variable Camber Morphing Wing Using Corrugated Composites Tomohiro Yokozeki, Hiroki Takahashi, and Yoshiyasu Hirano
9:10Development and Testing of an Unconventional Morphing Wing Concept with Variable Chord and CamberDominic Keidel, Jurij Sodja, Noud Werter, Roeland De Breuker, and Paolo Ermanni
9:30Adaptive Spoiler Shock Control Bump Markus Kintscher, Hans Peter Monner, and Martin Wiedemann
9:50Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Spanwise Morphing Airfoils on Aerodynamic Stall Lawren L. Gamble, Alexander M. Pankonien, and Daniel J. Inman
10:10Parameter Study for Performance Improvement on Smart Fins Operated by Piezoelectric Actuators Chul-Woo Park, Chan Hoon Chung, and SangJoon Shin

Session2 / Applications

Chair: W. H. Liao, H. Furuya

15:00Bending Moment Reduction of a High Aspect Ratio Wing Masato Tamayama, Kanata Fujii, Hitoshi Arizono, and Tomohiro Yokozeki
15:20Flutter Suppression of Long-Span Bridge Deck with Active Flaps Yuying Xia, Ruifu Zhang, and Haili Liao
15:40Shape Control Experiment of Space Reflector for Extremely High Frequency Radio Astronomy Hiraku Sakamoto, Hiroaki Tanaka, Kosei Ishimura, Akihiro Doi, and Yusuke Kono
16:00Multiple-Piezoelectric Vibration Absorber System for Suppression of Vibration of Truss Structure under Random force ExcitationYohsuke Nambu, Toshihide Takashima, and Masakatsu Chiba
16:20An Active Back-flow Flap for Dynamic Stall Control - from Concept to Wind TunnelSteffen Opitz, Anthony D. Gardner, and Christoph B. Merz

Session3 / Structural health monitoring

Chair: K. Hanahara

17:00Beam Damage Uncertainty Quantification Using Guided Wave Responses Gang Wang
17:20Temperature Effects on an Acoustic Emission Based Shm System - Applied to Composite Materials - Alex Vargalui, Marcias Martinez, Dimitrios Zarouchas, and Shashank Pant
17:40Quantitative Analysis of Ultrasonic Scattering in Particle Reinforced Composite Materials Ran. Li, Toshiaki Natsuki, and Qing-Qing Ni

October 15th

Session4 / Actuator

Chair: R. D. Breuker, K. Higuchi

8:40Control of Beam's Snapback Responses with Multiple Flexoelectric Actuators Bolei Deng, Huiyu Li, and Hornsen Tzou
9:00Energy-Saving Shape-Retainment Using Two Types of Piezoelectric Actuators Tomonori Uchida, Tadashige Ikeda, Atsuhiko Senba, and Kosei Ishimura
9:20Development and Testing of a Regenerative Magnetorheological Actuator for an Assistive Knee Brace Hao Ma, and Wei-Hsin Liao
9:40A Precision Light-Activated Robot Gripper Da Guo, Huiyu Li, and Hornsen Tzou
10:00Asymptotic Modeling of Multilayer Piezoelectric Bending Actuator Shreya Banerjee, and Sitikantha Roy

Session5 / Sensing

Chair: J. Liang, N. Kishimoto

8:40Online Real-Time Structural Damage Detection Using Adaptive Multiple forgetting Factor Recursive Least Square (Amff-Rls) Method with Unknown Excitations; Experimental Study Mohsen Askari, Bijan Samali, and Jianchun Li
9:00Polymer Sensors for Shape Sensing of Adaptive Structures Mark Melnykowycz, and Frank Clemens
9:20Structural Deformation Measurements Using Multiple Cameras Jae-Hung Han, Jong-Min Yoon, Hoyoung Kim, Hong-Il Kim, and Hyuk-Jun Kwon
9:40Adaptive Ensemble Kalman Filter Estimation of Nonlinear Structural Systems with Unknown Noise Covariance Takeshi Akita, Ryoji Takaki, and Nozomu Kogiso

Session6 / Morphing

Chair: L. Gamble, C.-K. Lee

10:40Bi-stable Morphing Blade Section for Passive Load Alleviation Andres F. Arrieta, Wolf Cavens, Izabela K. Kuder, and Paolo Ermanni
11:00Conceptual Topology Studies on Bi-Stable Composites in Morphing AerofoilsIzabela K. Kuder, Andres F. Arrieta, and Paolo Ermanni
11:20On an Efficient Implementation of Non-linear Structural Optimization for the Morphing Leading Edge of an Active Blown High Lift System.Michael Rose, Anton Rudenko, and Hans Peter Monner
11:40Application of a New Decoupling Loop Shaping Control Strategy for Load Alleviation of Smart Rotor Blades Equipped with Multiple Trailing Edge FlapsTerence Macquart, and Sachin Navalkar
12:00Compliant Morphing Flap Transition Benjamin K.S. Woods, and Michael I. Friswell

Session7 / Vibration (MR)

Chair: P. Ermanni, A. Senba

10:40Control and Analysis of a Magnetorheological Elastomer Dynamic Vibration Absorber for Powertrain Mount Systems of Automobiles Li-Jun Qian, Fu-Long Xin, and Xian-Xu Bai
11:00A Generalized Field-dependent Bouc-Wen Model for Dynamic Behavior of Adaptive Magnetorheological Elastomer Base Isolator Yang Yu, Yancheng Li, Jianchun Li and Xiaoyu Gu
11:20Experimental forward and Inverse Modeling of a New Mre Base Isolator Using Fuzzy-C-Mean Subtractive Clustering and Integer-Coded Nsgaii Mohsen Askari, Yancheng Li, and Jianchun Li
11:40A Magnetorheological Damper with Asymmetrical Damping PerformanceDai-Hua Wang, Lei-Zi Hu, and Peng-Fei Liu
12:00Comparative Study of Parametric Models for Magnetorheological Dampers Colin Knox, Amin Fereidooni, Yong Chen, and Viresh Wickramasinghe

Session8 / Shape morphing and control

Chair: A. Bergamini, T. Akita

13:20Beetle Inspired Deployable Structures Kazuya Saito, and Yoji Okabe
13:40Design of Shape Morphing Cellular Structures and Their Actuation Methods Robin M. Neville, and Fabrizio Scarpa
14:00Wrinkle Generating Mechanisms in Shear-Enforced Membranes Kei Senda, Mario Petrovic, and Kei Nakanishi
14:20Evolutionary Shape Optimization of Transonic Airfoils for Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic PerformanceRobert Carrese, Pier Marzocca, Nishit Joseph, and Michael Candon Hideaki Ogawa
14:40Optimal Actuator Layout Design on Circular Plate for High-Precision Smart Space StructureTomohiko Naka, Nozomu Kogiso, Tadashige Ikeda, and Hiroaki Tanaka
15:00On-orbit Shape Control of a Reflector Using Pzt Actuator Lan Lan, Yang Zhou, Shuidong Jiang, Houfei Fang, Jianming Du, and Zhigang Wu

Session9 / Vibration

Chair: H. Tzou, K. Senda

15:40Axial Stiffness Variation of Thin Walled Laminated Composite Beams Using Piezoelectric Patches- A New Experimental InsightHaim Abramovich
16:00Design Optimization of Generalized Coupling Coefficient for Vibration Attenuation in Metamaterials with Local Piezoelectric Shunts Edgar Flores Parra, Andrea Bergamini, Edoardo Belloni, Tommaso Delpero, and Paolo Ermanni
16:20Damping of Sandwich Panels Via Multi-Mode Acoustic Metamaterials George A. Lesieutre, Tianliang Yu
16:40An Unconventional Adaptive Flutter Suppression Actuation System: from Modeling to Experimentation Mario Cassaro, Manuela Battipede, Piero Gili, and Pier Marzocca
17:00Frequency-domain Mathematical Model of the Smart Spring Device for Vibration Reduction Fred Nitzsche, Melissa Arras, and Giuliano Coppotelli

October 16th

Session10 / Applications

Chair: K. Saito, T. Ikeda

9:00Smart Composite Repair Patches for Aerospace Applications Tomasz Pruciak, Lukasz Pieczonka, Wieslaw J. Staszewski, Sofia Pavlopoulou, and Constantinos Soutis
9:20Investigation of Aircrew Noise Exposure Levels and Hearing Protection Solutions In Helicopter Cabin Yong Chen, Sebastian Ghinet, Andrew Price, Viresh Wickramasinghe, and Anant Grewa
9:40Semi-active Noise Control Using Non-Symmetrical Ssd Method Hongli Ji, Li Cheng, Hong Nie, and Jinhao Qiu
10:00Mixed Operation Mode of Thermoelectric Modules for Thermal Gradient Reduction in Gas Foil Bearings Adam Martowicz, Micha? Lubieniecki, Jakub Roemer, and Tadeusz Uhl
10:20Characteristics of Square Shaped and Hexagonal Shaped Membrane Space Structures with Sterical Support of Booms and Cables Ayako Torisaka, Yoshitaka Satoh,Takeshi Akita,M.C Natori, Hiroshi Yamakawa, and Tomoyuki Miyashita

Session11 / Energy Harvesting

Chair: J. Qiu, H. Miki

13:00A Novel Method of Peak Detecting for Synchronized Switch Harvesting on Inductance Using Reed Switch Ya Shan Shih, Dejan Vasic, and Wen Jong Wu
13:20Equivalent Circuit Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Attached on a Thin Plate with AC-DC Conversion Amirreza Aghakhani, Ipek Basdogan, and Alper Erturk
13:40Harvesting Strategy to Increase Electrical Energy for Piezoelectric Active Harvesting Kenji Yoshimizu, Yuta Yamamoto, and Kanjuro Makihara
14:00Fabrication of Commercial Prototype of Active Harvester Kanjuro Makihara, and Yuta Yamamoto
14:20Polymer Based Harvester as Power Source for Wireless Sensors in Pipes Sherif Keddis, and Norbert Schwesinger
14:40A Self-regenerative Electromagnetic Damper for Stayed CablesMaziar Jamshidi, and CC Chang

Session12 / SMMs and materials

Chair: N. Schwesinger, K. Makihara

15:20Developing Piezo-electret Composite for Smart Structure Applications Using an Electrospinning Process Hsin-Jung Chu, Po-Cheng Lai, Shih-Lun Tai, and Chih-Kung Lee
15:40Developing Self-sensing Sensors and Actuators by Using a Novel Piezo-Electret Material Po-Cheng Lai, and Chih-Kung Lee
16:00Modeling and Numerical Simulation of the Hydrogel Swelling PhenomenaPeter Leichsenring, and Thomas Wallmersperger
16:20Ni-Mn-In Type Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy Free-standing Film for Magnetically Actuated Devices Hiroyuki Miki, Koki Tsuchiya, Eijiro Abe, Makoto Ohtsuka, Marcel Gueltig, Hinnerk Ossmer, Manfred Kohl, and Toshiyuki Takagi
16:40Application of Shape Memory Materials into Actuators Ryosuke Matsui, Kohei Takeda, and Hisaaki Tobushi

Poster Session

Poster Introduction Session Chair: K. Ishimura, N. Kogiso

P1Evaluation of Viscoelastic Parameters of Active Structural Elements Using Shape Memory Polymers with a Painted Heater Atsuhiko Senba, Makoto Ii, and Masahiro Arai
P2Effciency Analysis of Energy Harvesting Using an Electromagnetic Transducer and a Pulse Width Modulated Step-up Chopper CircuitToru Ikegame, Kentaro Takagi, and Ichiro Jikuya
P3Design and Performance Evaluation of an Adaptive Energy Dissipation System Ruifu Zhang, and Yuying Xia
P4A Study on Power Generation Performance of Graphene/P(Vdf-Trfe) NanocompositesLiangke Wu, and Ning Hu
P5Implementation of Synchronized Triple Bias-flip Interface Circuit Towards Higher Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting CapabilityYuheng Zhao, Chenbin Zhou, and Junrui Liang
P6Design of an Integrated Semi-Active Seat Suspension for Both Longitudinal and Vertical Vibration Attenuation Xian-Xu Bai, Peng Jiang, and Li-Jun Qian
P7Comparative Investigation of Control Methods on "Smart" Base Isolation System Employing Adaptive Magneto-Rheological Elastomer Base Isolators Xiaoyu Gu, Jianchun Li, Yancheng Li and Yang Yu
P8Ppf-Based Vibration Control of a Seat Frame of Motor Vehicle Keiyu Kadoi, Kentaro Takagi, Ichiro Jikuya, Satoshi Ishiguro, Hirohito Hayashi, Hisamitsu Harada, and Kazuhiko Oshima
P9Input Shaping Methods for Vibration Control of Flexible Structures Hiroshi Okubo, and Maha Yoshimine
P10Dynamic Characteristics of Hanging Truss Having Sma Wires(Vibration Isolation and Absorption Points of View)Xuan Zhang, Kazuyuki Hanahara, and Yukio Tada
P11Hybrid Adaptive Tuned Vibration Absorber and Its Control PlanNing Han, Weizhi Song, Qiang Gao, and Chendong Duan
P12Improvement of Deployment Repeatability by the Vibration Produced by Macro Fiber Composite Ryotaro Sakamoto, Hiroaki Tanaka, and Yoshiro Ogi
P13High-precision Positioning of Flexible Deployable Structures Using Kinematic Couplings Yoshiro Ogi, Yuki Teduka, Hiroaki Tanaka, Akihiro Miyasaka, and Kenichi Kawaguchi
P14Deployment Behavior Control Using Cables and Braid Coated Bi-SMA-Convex Tape Booms Nobuhisa Katsumata, Masaru Kume, and Ken Higuchi
P15Experimental and Analytical Approach by Replication Method for Elucidation of Unique Deformation and Fracture Phenomena of Porous Media under Impact Yuya Mitsutome, and Keiko Watanabe
P16An Investigation into the Effect of Initial Flight Conditions on Nonlinear Aeroelastic Behavior on a Wing Via Higher-Order Spectra Michael Candon, Hideaki Ogawa, Robert Carrese, Pier Marzocca, and Walter A. Silva
P17Experimentation for Different Stall Control Strategies with Synthetic Jet Actuators Danilo Andreoli, Mario Cassaro, Manuela Battipede, Pier Marzocca, and Goodarz Ahmadi
P18Adaptability in Various Structures of Marine Plankton Skeleton Naoko Kishimoto
P19Airfoil Design for Morphing Wing Using Robust Multiobjective OptimizationNozomu Kogiso, Masahiro Toyoda, Takashi Funahashi, and Tomohiro Yokozeki
P20Morphing Wing Structure Consisting of Open and Closed Section Members : FE-Modeling and Demonstration Atsushi Aso, and Hiroaki Tanaka
P21Investigation of Relaxation Phenomenon in Piezoelectric Benders Lanwei Zhou, Vikram Hrishikeshavan, and Inderjit Chopra
P22Directionally Variable Stiffness to Reduce Actuation Requirement in Airfoil Camber Morphing Matthew DiPalma and Farhan Gandhi
P23Fiber Optic Shape Sensor for Morphing Wing Trailing Edge Monica Ciminello, Ignazio Dimino, Salvatore Ameduri, and Antonio Concilio
P24Self-powered Wireless Temperature Sensor with Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Fabricated with Metal-Mems Process Yu-Chieh Hsieh, T.K.Lin, Jiung Jung Chen, and Wen-jong Wu
P25Connection Accuracy of Multiple 3D Shape Data Sets Due to Feature-Point Matching with Virtual Targets Taku Harada, and Takashi Iwasa
P26Damage Depth Reconstruction Based on Genetic Algorithm Using Laser Ultrasonic System Zhan Wang, Chao Zhang, Hongli Ji, and Jinhao Qiu
P27Performance Analysis of a Multi-Axes Micro Precision Positioner under Static Loads Jau-Liang Chen, and Wan-Lin Yu
P28Shape Control of the Stewart Platform with Elastic Hinge Utilizing Artificial Thermal Expansion Ryo Koyama, Kosei Ishimura Akira Iino, Yusuke Funakoshi, and Hiroshi Yamakawa
P29Design and Analysis of Smart Space Reflectors Driven by Piezoelectric Actuators Kazuaki Hayasaki, Hiraku Sakamoto, Hiroaki Tanaka, Kosei Ishimura, and Masaaki Okuma
P30Applying Sensor Fusion to Shape Sensing: Theory and Numerical Proof-of-Concept Cornelis de Mooij, Marcias Martinez, and Rinze Benedictus